Highly motivated with unique and extensive welding skills, Adrian Ford is the ‘bright spark’ behind Fyre Weld.

Adrian initially began his career as an engineer before becoming intrigued by boiler making. Switching to the boiler making trade, Adrian built his knowledge and refined his welding and steel techniques in workshops where he worked on aluminium handrails, ships and ferries, along with Elfin sports cars.

A chance encounter while completing his welding certification saw Adrian subcontracting in the quarry industry before his exceptional skills were recognised and he transitioned into pipe welding, where he now specialises.

Adrian’s attention to detail, responsiveness and reliability have seen him build a strong reputation for high quality work. Adrian spent several years working extensively on pipes under Kingsford Smith Drive which has since led to work with other notable clients including:

Today Adrian continues to specialise in pipe welding and can be found across various major project sites in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Trusted For 20+ Years